What is it?

XML-tool idea came from My XML Tools XML Duplicate Remover.

XML Duplicate Remover is a great tool, just it have problems with big XML files.
XML-tool is made in C# Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 with ScintillaNET what can handle big files and syntax highlight.

For now XML-tool can find duplicate XML nodes, remove duplicate XML nodes from XML document.

How it works?

Using XPath to specify which nodes should be compared, compare it’s child node value to determine if they are duplicate.


  • Find duplicate nodes
  • Remove duplicate nodes(Except first node)
  • Resolve available XPath from XML document


  • Windows 10 (min .NET 4.6.1)
  • 4GB memory (depend on XML file size, huge XML files may need more)
  • Most resource need for editor and syntax highlight so if you turn off "Show Code" then you need much less memory and loading process will be much faster.

Main window
Show duplicate nodes window
Remove duplicate nodes window