Google Maps Markers v1.2.0

Very useful for anyone who wants to show location(s) with a description or an address (in a balloon text).

How to install 

1. Download and unzip.
2. Upload all the files and folders to your server from the "upload" folder.
3. Login to your Administrator and go Extensions->Modules.
4. Find Google Maps Markers in the list and Click Install.

Permissions needed for admins 
1) Go to Users -> Admins -> Admin Groups
2) Click Edit Administrator User Group
3) Find (google_maps/location) and (google_maps/mapmodule) in Access Permission and Modify Permission and make a check
4) Save and you are ready to use!

You can make markers and modules at: Extensions > Modules > Google Maps Markers


You can download it from here:

Choose the compatible version.