CodeManager by iSenseLabs

What is CodeManager?

CodeManager is the easiest way for GrandCMS and OpenCart owners and developers to work shoulder-to-shoulder. No more FTP access, server problems, port issues. CodeManager allows you to give access to developers directly from your GrandCMS admin. It has so many awesome features, even Chuck Norris would become envious.


✯ Compatible with GrandCMS 2.0x and OpenCart 2.0x

✯ Web-based IDE framework

✯ Grant user permissions

✯ Create, edit and delete files

✯ Upload and download files

✯ Duplicate files

✯ Change permissions of files

✯ Super simple upload of pictures

✯ Preview pictures

✯ Pictures can be opened in full screen

✯ Search in files & folders

✯ Editor screen splitting

✯ Color themes for the file editor


You can download it from here:

Choose the compatible version.


Use the Extension Installer!


1) Login to your GrandCMS admin panel. Once you do that, go to Extensions -> Extension Installer.

2) Click on the Upload button.

3) Find on your computer and load it.

4) GrandCMS will begin the installation of the module along with the OCMod and when the operation is done you will receive the following message - Success: You have installed your extension!

5) Go to Extensions > Modules and find CodeManager and click the [Install] button. You will be redirected to Extensions -> Modifications in order for the OCMod to be applied.

6) Go to Extensions > Modules and find CodeManager and click the [Edit] button.

7) The CodeManager control panel is displayed. Now, this is the place where you edit/customize your CodeManager module. Try clicking around the menu items to get acquainted with the module.

8) Now CodeManager is installed. Congratulations!