Awesome Counters

With Awesome Counters you will be able to make nice counters from your site database. You can use Font Awesome icons and any color and size for your counters.

Counter types:

  • Fix number counters: You can set any number for your counters.
  • Total information
  • Total categories
  • Total information from category
  • Total information from category and subcategories
  • Total downloads
  • Total comments
  • Total registered users
  • Total visitors online

Other features:

  • Editable colors
  • Editable sizes
  • Device based settings (from phones to desktop based on bootstrap standards)
  • You can link your counters to content.

Install instructions

You can install this extension without extension installer. Just unzip the content of the upload folder from your archive to your webroot.



  • In "Extensions > Extension Installer" press the blue "Upload" button and upload the file "".
  • Done!

You will need proper rights for your new module.

Go to the Users > Admin >  User Groups > Edit "Administrator" (your group)

At "Access Permission" and "Modify Permission" select "module/counters".


After you installed the extension go to Extensions->Modules

Awesome Counters module. Press '+' Install button. Then Press Edit button.


Module settings:


This content will appear above the counters. Multlangual.

Device Based Sizes:

You can use same size for all visitor device. It is enough if you have just a few counter. But if you want to use more then you may want to set sizes for all device like phones, tablets, desktops. You can do it based on bootstrap standards if you set it to 'Yes'.

Align: Counters align: center, left, right.

Separator: A simple separator between counters.

At first thee are no counters here. You have to add them with the blue "+ Add Counter" button. After you add one it will appear with 'Counter 0' name. After you saved the module the counter will use its own name instead of 'Counter 0'. You can remove counters with the red remove button after the counter name.

Counters settings:

Name: You can give a name to the counter. Multilangual.

Source: This is the most important part of the counter. You can choose from 8 (14 in OpenCart versions) types of counters. Some have its own settings like:


Fix Number: You can give a number instead of data source.

Information From Category: You can give a category and you can decide want information only from this category or from it's subcategories too.


Icon: You can give a font awesome icon with the icon picker.

Color: You can give a color with the color picker.

Link: You can give a link to your counter. Maybe you want to point its data source, here you can do that. Use full urls just for safe like ''.

Sort Order: The counters sort order in list if you use more than one.

Good luck!

OpenCart versions link: