(MS)Instagram Feeds

Instagram Module

Display the latest Instagram feed on your site from any Instagram user.


- Only required Instagram Username.

- Access Token and Secret key doesn't required.

- Show latest feed of any Instagram user.

- Customization show/hide Description,Date,Like and Comments.

- Photos are cached for faster loading.

- Set limit for latest feed of Instagram.

- Set Description length as you want.

- Set image resolution as per your requirement.


- Unzip and upload the contents of “upload” directory to the root directory of your GrandCMS / OpenCart installation, preserving directory structure

- In the administrator panel, go to Extensions->Modules and install module

- Go to the module configuration page and enter Instagram Username

- Resolution: 3 standard settings as from Instagram

- limit: Max 20

- likes,Date,Description and comments as you wish.

- Don't forget to set the status to enabled

- Save configuration

- Add the module to the desired layout 

System>>Design>>layouts edit

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