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Install guide

You can install this extension without extension installer. Just unzip the content of the upload folder from your archive to your webroot.



  1. In "Extensions > Extension Installer" press the blue "Upload" button and upload the file "disqus.ocmod.zip".
  2. In "Extensions > Modifications" press the top right blue "Refresh" button (circular arrows) to refresh the modification cache.
  3. Done!

After you installed the extension go to Extensions->Modules

Find Disqus module. Press '+' Install button. Then Press Edit button.

Module name: Write a name.

Shortname: Tells the Disqus service your forum's shortname, which is the unique identifier for your website as registered on Disqus. If undefined, the Disqus embed will not load.

Auto load comments: If enabled then comments loading will start automatically. If disabled then visitors can load Disqus comments only on demand by a button. Comment counter in the button have a refresh time it is about 10 mins, it depends on disqus servers.

Auto configuration: You can make your own settings for disqus in this module if you disable the auto configuration. If you enabled auto configuration then you can use this module on all page. Manually configured module works only one page because unique identifier.

Identifier: Tells the Disqus service how to identify the current page. When the Disqus embed is loaded, the identifier is used to look up the correct thread. If this.page.identifier is undefined, the page's URL will be used. The URL can be unreliable, such as when renaming an article slug or changing domains, so we recommend using your own unique way of identifying a thread.

Url: Tells the Disqus service the URL of the current page. If undefined, Disqus will take the window.location.href. This URL is used to look up or create a thread if this.page.identifier is undefined. In addition, this URL is always saved when a thread is being created so that Disqus knows what page a thread belongs to.

Title: Tells the Disqus service the title of the current page. This is used when creating the thread on Disqus for the first time. If undefined, Disqus will use the <title> attribute of the page. If that attribute could not be used, Disqus will use the URL of the page.

Status: Enabled or Diabled

More help: https://help.disqus.com/customer/portal/articles/472098

Now you have to go here: System -> Design -> Layouts

Here you can add your named Disqus module where you want, specially recommended on information layout. The disqus module will ignore the system comment options, because disqus is a third party service. You can manage your comments with your disqus account.

The v0. download is fully compatible with OpenCart 2.0.1 -